Watch More Television Make More Sales


Hear me out on this one.

I’m sitting in the livingroom a few hours ago watching television coverage of the 2016 PGA Championship golf tournament, remember, I am also a golf coach so that counts as working 😉

A commercial comes on featuring Rory McIlroy, one of today’s star players.

He’s talking about how much he appreciates the sacrifices his parents made when he was growing up, how his dad worked two jobs and his mom worked the night shift in order to afford to send him to junior tournaments and pay for coaching and all that.

Then there’s clips of him as a pro, winning major tournaments, great action shots.

The clip ends with Nike’s classic “Just Do It” slogan.

As is often the case Nike told a great story, had me, and I’m sure millions of other viewers focused on the story, watching intently at exactly the moment when they delivered their tagline.

No strong call to action, just another in a long line of branding moments. The kind that leave Nike Golf in the viewers “front of mind”.


Still wondering how watching more television will lead to more sales?

How about this:

Up until I saw that ad earlier today, I had no idea what to use in my daily email today. This right here, what you are reading, I had no idea, which very well might have meant no email.

No email, no sales….. If you believe like I do, that email marketing is still one of the most powerful forms of marketing.


If you’re emails are going to get opened and read you have to have stories, you have to tell great stories that have a point, that do some soft teaching.

Great stories come from inspiration and sometimes inspiration can come from television [alright, alright that may be a little lame, but it worked in this case, didn’t it].

Oh yea, I almost forgot.

After the great story and soft teaching, you need the call to action that points to the “sale”.

I quoted the “sale” because in this case I’m selling you on the fact that I have a great, no cost video on telling great stories.

A friend of mine has been very successful using stories that sell and in this short video training she give you the foundation that she used to create her success.

Check out Stories That Sell

Have an AWESOME Day!


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