The Power of Continuing to Tee It Up

In case you’re not a golfer, I’m making a golf reference there in the title.

I could have just as easily said “the power of staying in the game” or just said “The power of continuing”.

Not Giving Up

Last Wednesday my golf team had a great match.

Golf Team Picture

They beat the previously unbeaten team to move into a share of first place.

But my subject line is in reference to two of my players in particular.

They had been in a slump, not getting the results they had seen earlier in the season, frustrated, etc…

That frustration only lead to poor decision making, you know what I’m talking about whether you’ve gone through it in sports, business or somewhere else in life. Happens to all of us at some point.

Don't Give Up - Golf

I took these guys out on the course the day before the match and walked around with them while they played.

Coached them. Worked on their mindset. Talked about when to play defensively and when to “go for it”.

Together we developed a game plan to help them get on the right path and get back to those results they were looking for.

It worked in a big way!

One of them shot 6 strokes below their season average and the other one 5 strokes.

They didn’t give up on themselves. They accepted some coaching, made the adjustments they were shown and BOOM….

Positive results!


I don’t guarantee these kinds of results with all my coaching students but I do guarantee my efforts and my work with my students.

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It’s the same marketing and education system I use.

I’ll work with YOU to help you get it all set up and then help you start getting the results you are looking for, whether that’s leads, sign ups, sales, new marketing channels (Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook).

Just get your trial and let’s go out and “play a round or two”, you’ll be playing better in no time.
If you’re already an MLSP member or have already used up your trial, I am still willing to help you out.

Shoot me a reply and let me know what’s going on, what you’d like help with. If I can help I’ll let you know, If I can’t I may be able to make a referral for you.


Have an AWESOME day!

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