Hey… Guess What Day It Is???

Hey Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike…. Guess what day it is? I love that commercial. Do you know what company that commercial was for? That’s right, Geico. It’s been just long enough that seeing the video is funny again (after it had been overdone a while back). Now the camel and hump day Wednesday’s are […]

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booger king 4 for 5

More Value Than The King’s 4 for $5 Menu

    Seen the King’s 4 for $5 menu? The other Friday I was lunching with the boyz from work and we stopped by. That’s where I saw this deal they have running. It’s a bacon cheese burger, 4 chicken nuggets, small fries, medium drink and a cookie…..for $5. I’m like, The next day I […]

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south park dont mess with computer

Don’t Fudge With A Man’s Computer

So here’s the quick story. I went to my school yesterday to catch up on some overdue grading of tests & quizzes. And low and behold I find that for no good freezin’ reason, some I.T. buffoon had decided to change out my main “teacher” computer. How much time does it take you to get […]

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sixteen candles

It’s My Birthday and You Get Presents

    They say it’s your birthday, nah nah nah… It’s MY BIRTHDAY TOO…. Love that scene from the movie “Sixteen Candles”, with Molly Ringwald and Anthony Michael Hall. Yep, that makes me OLD. Half a century today. Holy schnikies, here are a few facts about 1966 (the year I was born) The DOW Industrial […]

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AR15 Cartoon

Dad Can I Get An AR-15 For My Birthday

Let’s start with what this is not. It is not about gun policy….at all. What is it about? It’s about my son asking for an AR-15 for his eighteen birthday. The answer is NO, by the way. But damn if he didn’t kick me right in the biz nezz teachin’ trying to make his case. […]

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Seven Books For Blog

Books With Marketing Hooks

Did you see the latest round of Fakebook posts where people post things about themselves that others may not know? Normally I don’t play along with those (the questions are usually kinda lame). But this time is was something cool: Books. More specifically, books that changed my paradigm (way of thinking). Down below I listed […]

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20 leads per day

Can You Really Generate 20 Leads Per Day For Nuthin’

  Got a couple of great questions from subscribers yesterday. The first one is really interesting, Lori wants to know how it is possible to generate 20 or more leads per day using social media, without spending anything. Well, Lori, it’s not as hard as it seems. Has to be something the other person wants […]

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social media crackhead

Social Media Is As Addictive As Drugs

Is Facebook RUINING your friendships? I was reading this report done by a woman investigating how social media really affects relationships. She found that going online can be as addictive as Class A drugs. Turns out liking messages and sharing pictures ‘creates a virtual world where you believe you are getting that interaction but you […]

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GaryVee and Grant

Gary Vaynerchuck On Going Deep vs Going Wide And Other Riffs w/Grant Cardone

In this 47 minute video clip Gary Vaynerchuck and Grant Cardone riff about business, entrepreneurship and other valuable topics. Pay special attention to Gary talking about going deep vs. going wide at the 2:10 mark. There is also a great lesson right at the very end, the 45:45 mark, where Gary describes what truly drives him to hustle […]

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Gu-ru Lost At Sea [Nearly]

Have you ever taken a cruise? Did you hear about the Anthem of the Sea this week? That was the cruise ship that left New York headed for Florida and sailed straight into 120mph hurricane force winds. Well a friend of mine was on that ship with her parents. Like a good daughter, she had […]

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