Old Man Makes Olympic Comeback

phelps vs lochte


The stage was set for another epic battle between two old foes, one the current world record holder, one the most highly decorated Olympian of all times.

The event, the 200 IM.

For those not so initiated that is the 200 meter Individual Medley swimming event (50 meters each of butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle).

The competitors, 31 year old Michael Phelps and 31 year old Ryan Lochte.

Yes, 31.

Old men in terms of international swimming competition. The other finalists in the US Olympic Trials race, 19 & 20 year olds.

As expected making the final turn and heading for home it was a match dual between Phelps and Lochte, with Phelps out touching his rival by mere tenths of a second.

How is it that these two “old men” can still compete at the top of the world stage in their field, swimming, bettering top swimmers a generation younger than them?

It’s simple.

Not easy, but simple.

  1. Set a goal to make it happen.
  1. They believed they could do it.
  1. They narrowed their focus in order to concentrate on their strengths.
  1. They had coaching.
  1. They showed up EVERYDAY and put in the work EVERYDAY.

It is the same in your business.

Think of a business builder that you know quite well.

Preferably someone that got started about the same time as you did.

Someone that has achieved a level of success higher than you have.

Now run through those 5 steps listed above again and you will see that they did/do them all.

Here’s the thing…

If you’re used to being an employee, and you’re looking to become a successful entrepreneur and make a decent annual profit…then you’ve got to understand the one MAIN difference…

As an employee you’re paid for your time, and in general it’s okay to NOT have your foot on the gas 100% of the time…just keep plugging along and you will at least keep your job…

But as an entrepreneur you’re paid on your productivity…

YOU have to “show up” EVERYDAY, and work your tail off EVERYDAY.

A friend of mine actually put together a video where he gives up his 23 most coveted and effective secrets for becoming up to 300% more productive…

You can check it out here…


Just think…what that would mean to your business and life if you were 300% more productive?

If everyday in your business you got 3X as much accomplished with the same amount of time invested.

When I watched the video my three big takeaways where:

  • The 1 thing that I was doing almost daily that I had to stop doing, because it was literally lowering my I.Q. (Hint: It’s what all the highest paid internet marketers and home business owners REFUSE to EVER do!)…
  • The #1 productivity killer that can destroy a home business. As I work on tweaking this one little thing, I am seeing productivity gains.
  • How to put the pieces in place to create an actual “4 Hour Work Week” for yourself…



As for me, over the next couple weeks I will be working my business in the nooks and crannies of my days and making sure I get my “patriotism” on by supporting team U – S – A,    U – S – A,    U – S – A     as they compete in Rio.

Here’s to hoping one of the old guys can bring home the gold in the 200 IM.

Have an AWESOME day!


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