More Value Than The King’s 4 for $5 Menu


booger king 4 for 5


Seen the King’s 4 for $5 menu?

The other Friday I was lunching with the boyz from work and we stopped by. That’s where I saw this deal they have running.

It’s a bacon cheese burger, 4 chicken nuggets, small fries, medium drink and a cookie…..for $5.

I’m like,

Holy clogged arteries Batman, what a deal….SOLD!

The next day I see another unbelievable $5 deal…

Instagram Marketing Training – Insta Lead Magic Module 1

Now I don’t know if you’ve heard Gary Vaynerchuk go on and on about how HUGE Instagram (and Snapchat) are for business in 2016 and beyond, but they are all he’s been talking about.

So I’m thinking to myself, all I have to do is give up one Friday 4 for $5 special, brown bag it one Friday, and I get module 1 of THE top Instagram Training out there.


If I start telling you about the results my friends April, Lisa or Michael got from this training, the leads, the followers, etc…. I will end up sounding like a sales pitch.

That’s not my vibe.

I just wanted to show the contrast between what 5 bucks can get you:

  • Insta-traffic  or angioplasty.

  • Daily leads or daily cholesterol meds.

  • Proper hashtag usage or proper hashbrown sausage.

(okay that last one didn’t make sense exactly but I was trying to use the words hashtag and hashbrown…LOL)

Only one of these $5 deals offers a 30-day money back guarantee (and I don’t think the King wants to see those food items 30 days later….)

Check out the $5 Insta Lead Magic Module 1 deal:

And of course there is a complimentary training and PDF download right on the page also.


Have an AWESOME day!


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