It’s Safe To Come Out Of The Closet Now

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Hey what’s up?

I was going to say “come out from under the bed” but I didn’t think that had the same oomph or effect.

Not to come off being too random here, but can I just tell you that I am afraid of snakes.

I’m afraid of significant heights, and I’m afraid of dying “with my song” still inside me.

Among many, one thing I am not afraid of is public speaking and making public presentations.

But I know that those two things, public speaking and making public presentation scare the “goose poop” out of most people.

What about you, how do you feel about making a business presentation? Have you ever done a public webinar?

If not, why not?

Today I want to direct you to one of the five very helpful blog posts that are part of last week’s Webinar Week. You will easily be able to find the other four if you are so inclined.

So come out of the closet you scaredy cat and check out these 3 Proven Tactics That Eliminate “Webinar Phobia”

And if you want to share a little story about some of the things that scare you, I’d love to hear it.



For those of you that like to plan ahead, this Wednesday night at 9pm, a friend of mine (and top social media marketing wiz) is going to be doing a public training on how to use social media to recruit 10 (or more) new people into your business before the end of summer. Should be a great one so mark your calendar and I’ll be telling you more later.

Have an AWESOME day!


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