Hey Teacher Leave Those Marketers Alone



Cue up the Pink Floyd.

All in all you’re just another brick in the wall.

I got a note from Brian and that’s what made me think of the Pink Floyd classic song & video.

Brian has observed that over the last few weeks these emails to my newsletter have changed.

I think his exact words were, “they are more interesting” but… “there’s less substance”.

Thank you for noticing Brian!

I have definitely made an effort to change the “tone” and “teaching” of my newsletter.

The goal is a daily email that resembles what I call INFOTAINMENT, or as Ben calls it, “talk radio on glass”.

The goal is to share an interesting story, capture the reader’s attention AND then share information, a lesson, on some aspect of business building.

Provide the “What To Do” info on building a successful, profitable home business.

Take this very newsletter for instance. Reread it from the beginning now, from the perspective of someone trying to learn WHAT TO DO WITH YOUR EMAIL LIST.


I just told you what to do.

I call that soft teaching (vs. hard teaching).

You see the hard teaching,

The HOW TO information.

That is not to be given away.

That is for my clients, my team members.

We’re moving the FRE.E line, but we’re moving it IN, not OUT.

I’ll show you HOW, heck, I’ll help you put together the SYSTEM for HOW.

You take a step, I’ll take two steps.

You don’t step, I don’t step.

Enjoy all the WHAT TO DO you want, make yourself at home.

Or, don’t’.

If you’re ready to take a step you can call me, or reply to this email, or go over here:




See ya Friday,




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