Hey… Guess What Day It Is???


Hey Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike….

Guess what day it is?


I love that commercial.

Do you know what company that commercial was for?

That’s right, Geico.

It’s been just long enough that seeing the video is funny again (after it had been overdone a while back).

Now the camel and hump day Wednesday’s are part of POP CULTURE.

That should be the goal of your marketing.

Be entertaining and informative and memorable.

Tonight is the weekly marketing webinar that I attend every Wednesday Night at 9:00pm EST.

The speaker list is different each week, the marketing topics vary, but there are ALWAYS great nuggets provided to help you build your business and take your marketing to the next level.

If you’re around head over to:


and get registered.

I’ll see you on there at 9:00, if you do.

Message me back if you get on and we can Skype chat or Facebook chat during the session and share notes amongst our little group.

I’ll probably be sending out a last minute reminder about 45 minutes before the session begins…just in case you forget….you know, the same way you set an alarm to wake up for work each day….. Yeah, alarms suck….


See ya,




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