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booger king 4 for 5

More Value Than The King’s 4 for $5 Menu

    Seen the King’s 4 for $5 menu? The other Friday I was lunching with the boyz from work and we stopped by. That’s where I saw this deal they have running. It’s a bacon cheese burger, 4 chicken nuggets, small fries, medium drink and a cookie…..for $5. I’m like, The next day I […]

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7 Tips Instagram Blog

Use Instagram To Grow Your Business

Not long ago, when I first started using Instagram, I spent hours searching for answers to “How To Get FREE Leads On Instagram” with not too much luck. Oh, there were plenty of posts claiming to have the solution, a few videos also showed up in the search results, but none of them really worked. I […]

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Your One Cent Video Views Aren't Worth-FB

Your One Cent Facebook Video Views Aren’t Worth It

That is a bold statement but hear me out on this one. Here are some facts/statistics: Facebook counts a video view after only 3 seconds; Average video view times for your videos are probably 8-20 seconds; 95% of your video views are probably coming from mobile devices; Viewers have to click or tap the video […]

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How To Avoid FB Shutdown For Autoposting

In case you haven’t heard…. and many people haven’t. Starting next month, May 2015, Facebook will NOT be allowing autoposts to GROUPS using their API. In English, that means you will not be able to use software programs or websites to autopost into Facebook Groups. Why is this a big deal? Simple. Many people were […]

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How To Use Unroll.Me To Tame Your Unruly Email INBOX

The free website service Unroll.Me sorts and holds all your potentially unwanted or non-critical email. Once a day, Unroll.Me sends you a message with all of those advertising, notification, or junk emails. You can unsubscribe, read, and archive them all with a simple click of your mouse. In this video I will demonstrate what a […]

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landing page

List Building 101

The reason for building a list is so that you can establish an ongoing relationship through email with customers, business builders AND all those other people that said ‘No, Not Right Now’ to your product or business opportunity, but still are interested in connecting with you in the future. The pieces required to build a […]

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