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Don't Give Up - Golf

The Power of Continuing to Tee It Up

In case you’re not a golfer, I’m making a golf reference there in the title. I could have just as easily said “the power of staying in the game” or just said “The power of continuing”. Not Giving Up Last Wednesday my golf team had a great match. They beat the previously unbeaten team to […]

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Hey Teacher Leave Those Marketers Alone

  Cue up the Pink Floyd. I got a note from Brian and that’s what made me think of the Pink Floyd classic song & video. Brian has observed that over the last few weeks these emails to my newsletter have changed. I think his exact words were, “they are more interesting” but… “there’s less […]

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Hey… Guess What Day It Is???

Hey Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike…. Guess what day it is? I love that commercial. Do you know what company that commercial was for? That’s right, Geico. It’s been just long enough that seeing the video is funny again (after it had been overdone a while back). Now the camel and hump day Wednesday’s are […]

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south park dont mess with computer

Don’t Fudge With A Man’s Computer

So here’s the quick story. I went to my school yesterday to catch up on some overdue grading of tests & quizzes. And low and behold I find that for no good freezin’ reason, some I.T. buffoon had decided to change out my main “teacher” computer. How much time does it take you to get […]

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AR15 Cartoon

Dad Can I Get An AR-15 For My Birthday

Let’s start with what this is not. It is not about gun policy….at all. What is it about? It’s about my son asking for an AR-15 for his eighteen birthday. The answer is NO, by the way. But damn if he didn’t kick me right in the biz nezz teachin’ trying to make his case. […]

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Gu-ru Lost At Sea [Nearly]

Have you ever taken a cruise? Did you hear about the Anthem of the Sea this week? That was the cruise ship that left New York headed for Florida and sailed straight into 120mph hurricane force winds. Well a friend of mine was on that ship with her parents. Like a good daughter, she had […]

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How To Profit From Your List Unsubscribes

Oh boo hoo, I lost another one yesterday. Another person unsubscribed from one of my email lists. So many marketers absolutely FREAK OUT over an unsub.   I’m not sure why that is, either.   Unsubscribes are GOOD.   They save AND make you money.   How do you figure that Chris? Well, first off, […]

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I Got This Interesting Question Yesterday

So yesterday one of the listeners, I mean readers sent me this question on ‘timing’… I am roughly paraphrasing here, Yikes! Where do I start with this…. Okay, here goes… I live by the mantra “You don’t have to get it right, you just have to get it started”. I got that from my coach […]

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No Girlz Allowed

Our lunch bunch just got tagged with a moniker. The ‘He-Man Woman Haters Club’… Seems the gals across the hall thought it’d be funny. One of them even went so far as to grab a picture of the Little Rascals gang and photoshop each of our pictures into it. I was flattered (a little) that they’d go […]

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pc bros

Wussies Need Not Apply

I hope you’re not one of those people that read the subject line and said “whoa, that’s not PC bros”. The meeting of the overly sensitive PC crowd is being held on your nearby college campus, in the “safe zone”.   Oh dang, I’m just dropping microaggression after microaggression today.   What’s got me so […]

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