About Chris

In 1996 Chris fochris and julia limound a career area he was passionate about, the Internet.

Working first for a local Internet Service Provider and later co-owning his own business, between 1996 and 2001 he engaged in his dream job.

After the internet bubble burst and subsequent downturn, Chris put his college degrees to use and went to work as a public school teacher, teaching Math to Middle School students. However, the passion for business and the desire to help other people take control of their destiny remained.

In 2013, Chris formally launched his coaching, speaking, and training business. Today he works with entrepreneurs to utilize the latest online tools to grow their businesses.

Contact Chris at Chris@ChrisKelley.info to find out if he can help you in developing YOUR HOME BUSINESS, increasing your cash flow, creating multiple residual incomes and developing your marketing funnels!


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