3 Must Have’s For Business Success

3 things

Are you building a business?

When I got started I wandered around for quite a while before I found REAL teaching and coaching to point me in the right direction!

What I eventually discovered is that there were only 3 things I needed to get on-track toward business success and start earning instead of only spending.

The First Thing – I needed A LIST

What I realized is, my email list is my most important business asset. As a network marketer, I didn’t own the products I marketed, I didn’t own the logos & replicated website they provided. Unless I had a database of interested prospects, then I really didn’t even have a business.

My list is the only real asset I have that help guarantee my ultimate business success.

This is the exact system I used to build my list and generate 1,000’s of leads online


Having an email list is a hedge against bad things happening to the company you work with, like an insurance policy for your business. If something catastrophic were to happen to your company, you wouldn’t be left empty handed having to start over from scratch.

Now on to…

The Second Thing – I Needed A Product

This is the next step to success in business. Like many, I mistakenly viewed my offerings as the first thing, but it’s not. At the end of the day, no matter how great the product or offer is, if you don’t have people to show it to, you don’t have anything!

Your offer or product needs to solve a problem for your prospects and I needed to speak to the problem that the products solved.

I made the classic mistake of leading with features and benefits of the products. That was exactly the wrong approach.

What I learned is to address the pain or problem that prospects were having. As one marketer I know puts it, “you’ve got to rub salt in those wounds”.

Once I was able to make prospects start shaking their heads up and down in agreement that they did in fact have the problems my products solved, they wanted help solving those problems. Now they WANTED my help, they wanted to buy a solution.

That was my huge ‘A ha’, learning that people want to buy, they just don’t want to be sold to.

Once they were wanting help, wanting a solution, I simply offered the solution.

The Third Thing – I Needed Traffic

I realized that traffic was how I was going to build that list of people we talked about in ‘Thing One’. The people who have the problems that my products solve, the people that will want to buy what I am offering.

Without traffic, there’s no list to sell the offer to!

Once I had these three things in place, I was able to focus on offering other products and services that compliment what my email list of people want!

Now imagine having a simple, automated traffic strategy for putting new people onto your email list and ultimately being able to present your offer to them, on a daily basis. That is EXACTLY what I have put in place.

What if YOU could build your list, and get your offer in front of people who are actually looking for what you have to offer?

Have you been stuck in your business?

Are you building an email list? Really, seriously building it?

Do you understand how to ‘rub salt in there wounds’, how to market to your list?

You’ve gotta check this out:


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Have an AWESOME day!
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