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Your One Cent Video Views Aren't Worth-FB

Your One Cent Facebook Video Views Aren’t Worth It

That is a bold statement but hear me out on this one. Here are some facts/statistics: Facebook counts a video view after only 3 seconds; Average video view times for your videos are probably 8-20 seconds; 95% of your video views are probably coming from mobile devices; Viewers have to click or tap the video […]

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books for network marketers - Crush It

7 Must Read Books For Network Marketers

Summer is fast approaching and if you are like me, that is normally a time to catch up on some long overdue personal development reading. The books listed below are seven that I have read (and re-read) since starting my network marketing business. I suggest that you consider adding these 7 to your summer list. […]

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Give It 90 Days Blog Post

Give It 90 Days Then Evaluate Your Results

In the Network Marketing or Internet Marketing World of today there’s something known as “Shiny Object Syndrome.” Many of those who have been trying to make it online for any length of time know all about it. It’s going out and buying the “Next! New! Awesome! Product!” The one that’s GUARANTEED to fix all of […]

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chris&julia horse races

Ready, Set, Go… Start Taking Action In Your Marketing Business

In the world of online marketing, *shiny objects* are everywhere and can keep you from taking action in your marketing business. There is more information and more product launches than at any time before. It can seriously hamper your ability to get results if you aren’t careful. Don’t get me wrong I am not opposed to great products and increasing […]

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