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How To Avoid FB Shutdown For Autoposting

In case you haven’t heard…. and many people haven’t. Starting next month, May 2015, Facebook will NOT be allowing autoposts to GROUPS using their API. In English, that means you will not be able to use software programs or websites to autopost into Facebook Groups. Why is this a big deal? Simple. Many people were […]

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share a testimonial

Telling Your 2 Minute Story

Have you ever been asked to share a testimonial for a product or for your business opportunity? Has a customer ever asked you to tell your business story? Share a testimonial If you were asked right now could you do it? In 2 minutes or less? In this video training I discuss: Why you have […]

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Learn To Enjoy The Sunshine

Hey guys. Ever have that feeling… The one where something small really grab a hold of you? Maybe it was a blue sky, maybe it was the sunrise or sunset, or maybe it was that the sun was shining. Don’t miss those moments, pause and “drink them in”… Too often we don’t appreciate those moments… […]

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How To Rise Above The Crowd

Have you ever wondered how you can differentiate your business from the thousands just like it on the internet? Have you ever said to yourself, “What makes me different from everybody else”? or, “Why should someone want my ebook that is just like every other one”? If you are honest with yourself, if you are […]

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