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Ever Wanted To Fire Your Boss?

Well? Have you? I mean, have you ever wanted to FIRE YOUR BOSS? My friend Justice actually did it….. And he recorded it….. AMAZING! (And NO, it’s not a confrontational, argumentative type of thing… he’s classy about it) Take a look ===>

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Attraction Marketing – The Beginning

On this webinar my good friend and business associate Diane Hochman (aka The Queen of Attraction Marketing) takes us back to the very ad and the very website that started her journey into Attraction Marketing FIFTEEN years ago. Find out why most people who think they know Attraction Marketting don’t really know it at all. During this […]

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Marc Lalonde

Testimonial For Marc Lalonde’s Twitter & CRM Trainings

I have to tell you guys, two weeks ago I had never heard of this guy Marc Lalonde… Since then I’ve learned that he was MLSP’s Member of the Month for March 2015. Marc has well over 100,000 Twitter followers (on two different accounts) He’s getting over 100 leads each day (Yes, every day!) This […]

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Are You Weird? I AM

Oh, I admit it…. finally. I’m weird, I’m different…. My mind is not wired like EVERYONE’s. You see not so very long ago I figured out that if I wanted to be successful I had to risk being weird and different. When I figure this out… EVERYTHING CHANGED FOR ME. And It will for YOU […]

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